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when i went work i had heard of the old mans ways of doing things that he and the wife had come up the hard way in the business and nothing ever gave to them and it seem try they seem to be good people sorry i never got to meet the old man he died it would have been fun two old truck drivers talking but today kennesaw is not what i believe he had in mind drivers have become just a number to the son and it seem he doesn't know who's making him money he walk by me a couple of time in the and never even spoke i think his way of thinking is your nothing if you don't have a college degree but this business was made off degrees you can't take people that don't have time in this and put them in charge of drivers they don't talk trucking this business is about time and you learn something new everyday and just so know you don't just refuse to talk to a driver just because you think there on you level i call to talk with vp and he won't return my call the time was there i made kennesaw a lot of money don't damage equipment no tickets or problems with dot just done my job and was time for deliveries but what i hate the most is to see a old truck drivers hard work and swear go to nothing the fathers dream to go to pots the old man had the right ideas on things so for his memory don't run a good company in the ground trying to be like the big out fits there just driver factorys i hope in some way this is helpful to kennesaw keep the old mans dream alive

I liked: Equipment.

I didn't like: Not being a person.

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